SESPSociety of Experimental Social Psychology


Career Trajectory Award Recipients

The Career Trajectory Award celebrates scientific contributions made in the early-to-mid stages of a research career. Typically, the recipient will be named during the ten-year period following tenure. The award is intended to recognize uniquely creative and influential scholarly productivity at or near the peak of one's scientific career.

Listed below are the previous award winners, with a link to their Social Psychology Network profile if they have one.

Year Recipient School
2015 Matthew Lieberman University of California, Los Angeles
2014 Nira Liberman Tel Aviv University
2013 Bertram Gawronski University of Western Ontario
2012 Eddie Harmon-Jones University of New South Wales
2012 Sandra Murray University at Buffalo
2011 Steven Heine University of British Columbia
2010 John Jost New York University
2009 *Retracted
2008 Ap Dijksterhuis University of Amsterdam
2008 Barbara Fredrickson UNC--Chapel Hill
2007 Vincent Yzerbyt Universite Catholique de Louvain
2006 Lisa Feldman Barrett Boston College
2006 Neil Macrae University of Aberdeen

*The 2009 award originally given to Diederik Stapel has been returned due to admitted scientific fraud.