Executive Committee

Officers and Committees

The Executive Officer of SESP is Monica Biernat at the University of Kansas. You can read about SESP's founding officers in a historical account published by Edwin Hollander in 1968.

A list of current Executive Committee members (officers) and other committee members appears below.


Executive Committee
Term Committee Member Names and Affiliations
  • Jeff Sherman (2018 Vice President, 2019 President)
    University of California, Davis


Standing Committees for 2018
Committee Member Names and Affiliations
Conference Program Committee      
  • Ines Jurcevic (Seattle representative)
    University of Washington
Membership Committee  
Distinguished Scientist Award Committee      


Career Trajectory Award Committee  
Scientific Impact Award Committee  
Dissertation Award Committee
  • Oz Ayduk (Chair)
    University of California, Berkeley
Publication Committee        
FABBS Representatives
Representative to SPPS Consortium  
SESP Bylaws Committee