Scientific Awards

Research Awards

The Society of Experimental Social Psychology honor outstanding research in several ways:


  1. The Distinguished Scientist Award honors individuals who have made unusually important contributions to experimental social psychology. The recipient of the Distinguished Scientist Award is chosen by a subcommittee appointed by the SESP Executive Committee. For a list of previous winners, see Distinguished Scientist Award Recipients.


  2. The Scientific Impact Award honors the author(s) of a specific article or chapter that has proven highly influential over the last 25 years. For a list of previous winners, see Scientific Impact Award Recipients.


  3. The Career Trajectory Award celebrates scientific contributions made in the early-to-mid stages of a research career. For a list of previous winners, see Career Trajectory Award Recipients.


  4. The Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding dissertation research from the previous year. For further information, see the Dissertation Award Page and the list of previous Dissertation Award Recipients.