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SESP is a member of the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a "coalition of scientific societies that share an interest in advancing the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior." In fact, SESP was one of the 8 organizations that met in Chicago to found FABBS on December 7, 1980. As a member of FABBS, we participate in advocacy, education, publication, and communication efforts on behalf of scientific
social psychology.

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Society of Experimental Social Psychology

The Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP) is an international scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of social psychological research. Our members typically have Ph.D.s in social psychology or related fields and hold academic positions or conduct research in applied settings.

SESP holds a scientific meeting in the early fall of each year, publishes the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, and contributes to advocacy efforts as a member of FABBS (the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences). SESP was founded in 1965 by a group of social psychologists led by Edwin Hollander and W. Edgar Vinacke, as described in Hollander (1968). SESP currently has over 1000 elected members.

SESP Executive Committee

SESP is run by an appointed Executive Officer along with a member-elected board of 9. The EO serves a four-year term, and each Committee Member serves a 3-year term, with 3 individuals elected each year. 

Executive Officer: Steve Stroessner

Executive Committee Members/Terms:

David Amodio (2018-2022; President in 2022)
Shira Gabriel (2019-2023; Vice President in 2022; President in 2023)
Lora Park (2022-2024; Vice President in 2023; President in 2024)

Grainne Fitzsimons (2018-2022)
Daphna Oyserman (2018-2022)
Ed Hirt (2019-2023)
Lisa Molix (2019-2023)
Gordon Moskowitz (2022-2024)
Nick Rule (2022-2024)
Kerri Johnson (Past President)


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As a 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions to SESP (both cash and stock) are tax deductable to the degree allowed by law. Please contact the Executive Officer at for additional information.

SESP also receives support from the AmazonSmile Foundation. When customers shop on AmazonSmile, they may select SESP as a charitable organization, and the AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to SESP.

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