Membership Information

Membership in SESP requires election by the Membership Committee, which reviews applications once each year.

The application portal for this year is now closed -- it will re-open in February 2019.

Membership in SESP is open to any self-identified social psychologist, regardless of disciplinary affiliation. The nominator can be either oneself or a current member of SESP. Nominations are reviewed by the SESP Membership Committee. Under SESP operating rules, membership cannot grow by more than 5% per year.

The 2018 Membership Committee consists of Niall Bolger (Chair), Kerri Johnson, and Cheryl Kaiser.

The primary criteria for membership are:

  1. Nominees must show "evidence of substantial contribution to social psychology as an empirical science; significant publication in recognized journals or books" (quoted from the bylaws). In practice, "evidence of substantial contribution to social psychology" represents an expectation of at least five papers published on social psychological topics in top journals, with at least three with the candidate as first author. These are not hard and fast rules, however, but a guideline to help nominators decide whether a candidate is "ready" to be nominated. The Membership Committee may also consider publications in other journals, chapters, monographs, and books as evidence of contribution to social psychology.
  2. Nominees must identify themselves as social psychologists
  3. Nominees must be at least five years post-Ph.D.

Nominators may nominate no more than one person for membership in a given year. Nominators will be asked to submit the following materials:

(a) a nomination letter that addresses the criteria for membership and identifies two publications by the candidate as representative of the high quality of her or his work (please title the letter "applicant last name-rec.docx")
(b) the candidate's vita (titled "applicant last name-cv.docx")

Please note that it is not necessary to submit copies of articles.

Applicants will be notified in June of the membership decision. Once individuals are admitted as members, the annual membership fee is $60, which includes an online subscription to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and Social Psychological and Personality Science. Dues payments are requested by August 1 of each year, with the membership year ending on July 31.
Additional questions about SESP or the membership process should be directed to the Executive Officer at