Executive Committee

The SESP Executive Committee 

During the next two weeks, SESP is accepting nominations, including self-nominations, of members interested in running for election to the SESP Executive Committee. Every year SESP elects three new members to its Executive Committee.

The terms for these positions begin on January 1, 2024, and run for three years. Candidates must be willing to:

    1.  Attend SESP meetings during their term.
    2.  Serve on SESP committees.
    3.  Be willing to be considered to serve for a year as President of SESP.
    4.  Be willing to forego consideration for SESP awards during their term.

Please send your nominations for these critical positions no later than Friday, August 11, to info@sesp.org.

The functions of the Executive Committee include arranging for meetings and programs; disseminating information pertinent to SESP; developing policies and proposals for consideration of membership applications; appointing committees and subcommittees; collecting dues; maintaining appropriate continuity in the affairs of the Corporation; implementing plans produced by deliberations of the Corporation; and such other functions as are enumerated in the SESP By-Laws.

Officers and Committees

The Executive Officer of SESP is Steve Stroessner from UCLA. You can read about SESP's founding officers in a historical account published by Edwin Hollander in 1968.

A list of current Executive Committee members (officers) and other committee members appears below.

Executive Committee
Term Committee Member Names and Affiliations


Standing Committees for 2023
Committee Member Names and Affiliations
Conference Program Committee  
Membership Committee  
Distinguished Scientist Award Committee  
Career Trajectory Award Committee  
Scientific Impact Award Committee  
Dissertation Award Committee  
Publication Committee  
FABBS Representatives  
Diversity Science Award Committee  

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee